Our flagship 8 day personal development course gives learners a 'Taste of Life' from at least 8 different faith and cultural perspectives: Hebrew (Jewish), Ethiopian (Christian), Arab (Muslim), Indian (Sikh and Hindu), and Chinese (Buddhist), Welsh, Jamaican and Irish/Scouse.

Try a refreshing Taste of:

  • healthy cooking from eight diverse cultures

  • cultural heritage awareness:

be inspired by the wisdom of eight of Liverpool’s diverse faith/cultural communities.

Grow your confidence in:

· Healthy food preparation

· Social and communication skills

Empower your self by nurturing your own:

¨ personal goals and ambitions

¨ positive outlook, confidence and fresh hope


We design courses to meet  our learners’ needs,    

ensuring  our courses are accessible to all  people,  whatever their background or circumstances.

Currently we are delivering this course in HMP Liverpool, Styal and



How long?

Usually eight to ten  days, (one or two days a week)

with optional extra  sessions following the course.


¨ 10.:15am—2pm

Course Tutors:

· Dr Matthew Thompson    LCS Director

· Alison Bradley                   LCS  Coordinator


“”It has made me think about how I can be a better person” Raj