Our flagship 5 day personal development course gives learners a 'Taste of Life' from at least five different faith and cultural perspectives: Hebrew (Jewish), Ethiopian (Christian), Arab (Muslim), Indian (Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist) and Chinese. (Optional extras include Caribbean and Welsh.)


Preparing delicious healthy dishes, fresh drinks and baking bread and cakes.

Exploring diverse hospitality traditions, serving and eating together (with invited guests).

Group reflections and discussions on inspirational wisdom stories from the diverse traditions; exploring the positive life-values and attitudes they contain.


Increased understanding and appreciation of diverse faith and cultural traditions and communities.

Encouraging positive values, attitudes and ambitions.

Increased self-confidence, independence and positive community engagement. 


Our adult courses are open to unemployed adults of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.  We welcome and value adults who are marginalised from mainstream society (including those with active addictions, in recovery, homeless, mental health issues, offenders, ex-offenders and learning difficulties).